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Diagram of Optogenetics

A Fully Functional And Smart Device Pushes Your Reseach

Inper Smart Light source is professionally designed for optognenetics. Pricisely control and high intensity light pulsed are required to activate excitatory chanelrhodopsins, such as ChR2, ChETA, C1V1, ChIEF, etc, and inhibitory channels, such as eNpHR3.0, Arch. To reach the requirments, inper employs laser instead of LED in this system. 

The system supports three trigger modes: edge, real-time and gate, helping accomplish closed-loop optogenetics..

Inper Smart Light Source comes with Windows and iOS based operation software featuring an intuitive yet excellent graphic user interface. An iPad is matched to the system, with which users can wirelessly and conveniently control the system without a computer.

It can also be operated without being connected to a computer or iPad. This is because custom-set protocols can be programmed transmitted, and stored into the control module, after which the laser sources can work alone and be triggered by external events.

Various Wavelength Available

ColorWavelengthOpsinsMax Power (mW)
Sapphire450ChIEF, bPAC200
Blue465ChR2, ChR2-SFO200
Green525C1V1, VChR1200
Yellow Green561Arch, VChR1-SFO60
Yellow589ChR2-SFO, eNpHR3.060


Light TypeLaser
Wavelength465 nm (0-200 mW)
589 nm (0-60mW)
Light OutConnector: FC/PC
Optical Fiber: Core 100μm, NA 0.22
InputConnector: BNC
Number of Channels: 2
Voltage Range: 0.1-10 V 
OutputConnector: BNC
Number of Channels: 2
Voltage Range: 0.1-5 V
SoftwarePlatform: Windows and iOS
Connection TypeWifi or USB
Stimulation ParameterSquare: 0.1ms-100h
Pulse Train: 0.1 ms-100 h; 1-10KHz
Stimulation Delay0.1 ms-100 h
TriggerMode: Gate, Edge, Real Time
Refractory Period: 1 ms - 1 h
Signal Range: 0.1 - 10 V

Specifications for Smart Light Source

Wavelength (nm) 405 or 465 or 525 or 561 or 589 or 635

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