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Fiber Photometry

Fiber Photometry System is a commonly used real-time detection and recording tool for fluorescent signals. In response to the current the requirements of high-throughput signal recording in neural circuits research, inper developed a new generation of multi-channel fiber photometry system in combination with epifluorescence microscopy, multimode fiber-conduction technology, and CMOS imaging.

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Odoo • Image and Text

Fiber Optogenetics

Fiber Optogenetics System integrates the distributed components such as laser, and controller into an compact device with strong compatibility and complete functions. It is equipped  with control software (Inper Studio) for Windows and iOS platforms.

Wireless Optogenetic System

Ultra-miniature Wireless Optogenetic System uses wireless power supply technology to completely solve the problem of endurance, weight, and light intensity, effectively reducing the interference of external equipment on animal behavior, thus can be widely applied to behavioral experiments.

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